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What:   Introduction to saber fencing over three classes. Each intensive beginning session lasts one hour. 

When:  Monday & Wednesday 5:30-6:30pm,  Saturday 12-1pm or 5pm-6pm. You can also suggest times that work better for you.

             Attend three consecutive classes or one class a week for three weeks. We're flexible.

Where: 1297 Broadway, Placerville, CA 95667

Cost:     $150. And we provide your equipment -- such a deal.


You'll learn the basics--how to move like a fencer, think like a fencer, and bout. You'll get the best start possible because we keep our intro classes small.


Contact Coach Smith to learn how to fence. Download the enrollment form here.


Getting Started

Brandon, 11 years old

“We moved to Placerville and the fencing club helped me make friends."

Kainoa, 15 years old​


“I'm focused on earning my A and making it into a top collegiate fencing program."

Claire, 74 years old

“I improved so much working with the Hangtown coaches I made it to Veteran World Championships!"

Sarah, 34 years old


“I love how fencing engages my mind as much as my body.”

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