What:          Intoduction to saber fencing over four classes. Each intensive beginning session lasts one hour.

When:         Tuesday or Thursday nights 6:30-7:30pm or Saturdays 3-4pm.

                   Attend four consecutive classes or one class a week for four weeks. We're flexible.

Where:        Lord's Gym, Diamond Springs, CA

How much: $85. And we provide your equipment -- such a deal.


You'll learn the basics--how to move like a fencer, think like a fencer, and bout. You'll get the best start possible because we keep our intro classes small.


Contact Coach Smith to learn how to fence. Download the enrollment form here.


Getting Started

Elisha, 9 years old

“Everyone was really nice to me when I started and that helped a lot 'cause I was 8."

Evan, 17 years old​


“I've had to focus more to be good at fencing than at anything else I've ever done.”


Julian, 14 years old

“I'm kind of shy at school but not at fencing. The club is kind of like home except with push-ups when my attack falls short." 

Rithik, 10 years old


“I have really big goals so I listen to everything my coaches say.”

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.