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Our Program

Footwork drill.jpeg

A Hangtown fencing coach leads each class.

Each one is different, but this describes a typical class in saber. 


  • Phase I: Stretching 


  • Phase II: Footwork--the key to success in saber fencing.

      Bruce Lee recommended all his students study fencing to develop their footwork.


  • Phase III: Drills. Pair off with another student and develop your skills and fencing understanding against an opponent.


  • Phase IV: Hook up to the electric machines and bout with everyone in class. 



Private Lesson


Success in fencing is nearly impossible without private lessons.


While our directed group classes--not the norm in most fencing clubs--develop

an overall game, every fencer has their own unique strengths and weaknesses.


It takes one-on-one work with a coach to build on your strengths and

minimize your weaknesses. 



Vet World Championships.jpeg


Fencing competitions are a critical metric for determining how well

you're actually able to understand and apply what you learn in class.

They allow you to set goals over the season and work towards them.


You'll compete when your coach gauges you're ready.

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